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20 Examples Of How To Address A Cover Letter To An Unknown Recipient
Learn how to properly address a cover letter when you don't know the recipient's name with our comprehensive guide, including research strategies, alternative salutations, and formatting tips.
Feb 13, 2023view article
How To Sign A Cover Letter (with 70+ Signatures)
Find out whether signing your cover letter is necessary and how it can make a positive impression on potential employers. Learn the best practices for signing and making your application stand out.
Feb 08, 2023view article
Should You Submit An Optional Cover Letter? The Answer Is Yes
Learn why submitting a cover letter, even when optional, can significantly increase your chances of securing an interview and get practical tips for creating a compelling one.
Feb 08, 2023view article
How To Personalize Your Cover Letter [+3 Examples]
Learn how to create a cover letter that showcases your unique personality while maintaining a professional tone and focusing on the job requirements.
Feb 07, 2023view article
Who To Address Your Cover Letter To
Learn how to properly address your cover letter to the right recipient, including tips on finding their name and title, and how to create a professional and effective cover letter.
Jan 30, 2023view article
How Many Paragraphs Should A Cover Letter Have [4 Examples]
Discover the ideal structure and length for an effective cover letter with our comprehensive guide, featuring expert advice and practical tips.
Jan 27, 2023view article
Can A Cover Letter Be Longer Than A Page? [3 Examples]
Discover the ideal length for a cover letter and learn when it's acceptable to go beyond one page.
Jan 27, 2023view article
Cover Letter Vs. Resume: The Key Differences
Discover the crucial distinctions between a cover letter and a resume, and learn how to effectively use both documents in your job applications.
Jan 24, 2023view article
Should Resumes Be In Past Tense?
You have collected all the different experiences you plan to talk about in your resume. But how will you organize it? Should it be in present tense or past tense?
Dec 13, 2022view article
How To Put Your Ged On Your Resume
This article will guide you on how to include your GED on your resume, including tips on presentation and highlighting related skills and accomplishments. It's suitable for both recent graduates and those who have been working for a while.
Nov 15, 2022view article